Animal Crossing, Rune Factory, and Intrinsic Motivation

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch. Rune Factory 4 is available on Nintendo 3DS and Switch.

I missed my first day of Animal Crossing on Saturday since New Horizons released half a year ago.

My home island of Granvisch has been getting rave five-star reviews for the last four weeks. I paid off the last of my home “loans” in June (if you can even call a no-downpayment, no-interest, no-repayment-date offer a “loan”). I can’t even remember the last time I unlocked or upgraded a major feature.

Yet I’ve been strolling through my digital neighborhood seven days a week from March through September.

I know this isn’t unique; I still see a reliable rotation of my friends list popping into the game on a regular basis. But it’s nowhere near how it absolutely dominated everybody’s playtime every day back in spring. Nowadays, Granvish is seeing a fraction of the weekly tourist numbers from its “heyday”, which even defeats much of the social element of the game. It seems like the lion’s share of islanders ironically petered off sometime during the summer.

So why am I still plugging away at Hour #242?

Put simply:

Because I’m not done.

Read this post in full over on Geek to Geek Media.

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